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Re: astrological iconography

	I remember some people in the early history of the
list saying that they had created new alphabets and
used them in diaries when they were in college.  I
suppose this could be something of the sort.  

	What argues against that is the complexity of the
system.  What language has 8300 syllables (if one
considers Voynichese words to be syllables)?


"Rafal T. Prinke" wrote:
> Rene Zandbergen wrote:
> > The notebook suggestion has been made before. I was never
> > a strong believer in this, because it didn't seem sensible
> > to me that it were written on vellum, even, as sometimes
> > stated, good vellum.
> Perhaps it was a clean copy of what he actually noted
> down during lectures? Not that I am convinced, though!
> > The other reason why I'm skeptical is that it doesn't at
> > all help us in explaining the script and its relation to the
> > underlying language. To me the VMs looks like the result
> > of a deliberate effort.
> Yes, this is a much stronger argument against the notebook
> hypothesis.