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I got someone's mail back...It was just a message that it wasnt delivered but had no other info.
no info at all
Im just going to resend...

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The main problem I see is that you have far more words than there
are 'apparent words' on the first page. This means that you're
using characters, pairs or triplets of Voynich characters as
'words' (as illustrated by your sample translation of the
first word FACHYS).

The approach that seems to have been taken here, as far as I can go with it, is an approach that lays down a "sounds like this" approach. I never intended to get anything from this. I just sat down with a Hebrew etymological dictionary and started to look things up all because of the word AIN.
"F" was obvious.  I knew F was vav.  F is derived from vav.  I was left with F because every other combination of fachys failed to show anything.  With F out of the way I tried ACH.  ACH answers to Aleph Cheth.   I wondered about vowel points and considered the fact that ancient Hebrew didnt have any. I figured he was going the ancient route. I have been dismissing vowel points for that reason.
YS answered to ISH.  As I said the S/SH exchanges that are open to him can make this a nightmare because I have to look everything up. Is he using Sin, Shin, or Shin? But then it "sounds like" this...or close to it. The first major variation from this technique was that last line I believe it was on page one. Only the last letters of each word are used.
*heo!.     chol.     chok.    choty.       chotey
That first * is probably a C to conform with everything else.
This line makes no sense. If you take the last letter of each word  OLKYY  or AIN LAMED KOPH YOD YOD  you get the word  OLKii....OLKii is not a word.  It is two words.
OLK  + ii   here are the notes I made; (Hebrew fonts won't come through)
Now, olk (   ) , to suck, is a back formation from      , leech.  The yy, (  ) is a rendering of God. As the context carries on, the attitude would continue against the hardened. To see an idea where you call such people a sucker or leech of God, or a leech of God?s life given to humanity is not a stretch.
Also,  OLKH   is a botanical reference. It is the orobanche. So called because they suck the food of their host. 

There are not that many different character pairs in the Voynichese
script, so you must be translating the same combinations in
different manners at different times. Thus, you must be adding

It should follow a logical pattern...but be ready for a deviation. For instance, the word SHOL...logically I would expect to see  SHIN AIN LAMED.  that is where I would look first.  If it isnt there then the O must be Vav. Vav can render O or U sound.  It could also be a visual Vav where Vav is just a connector. Sometimes its seems he uses vowels in a word like DAL, and in Hebrew its DaL with vowel points. I have seen him ignore vowel points.  Of course I dont speak Hebrew and I am doing the best I can here.    I have to look up everything.

To what extent this is happening I cannot judge, since you
don't give the exact correspondence between Voynichese and
Hebrew, as Adams already remarked.

I wish you had Word Perfect then you could see for yourself.  I have no way of doing this here in any other format.  When I converted the file to MS Word it loses the Hebrew fonts.  Ill do it this way maybe it will help.
This is not a word. It answers to a three word in one construction; 
1)   f=
VAV      P189   and, but, therefore, as, since, seeing, although ..etc
1a) ach  Aleph Cheth    P16 brother, kinsman, friend  
1b) ys   yod shin  P265  there is, there are

2) ykal P257 yod cheth vav lamed    = hope, expectation
Here one would expect to fine K=Koph. He juggles Caph, Koph and Cheth.
Here is an example of an A in the text and Vav in Hebrew. No other combination works that I have seen.
So instead of a hard K, you have a throaty Ch...Instead of A you have Vav..
Now, if you walk away because of this you will fall right into the trap he has set for you. Remember..it's visual and not logical. Since I didnt walk away and continued to play the game by his rules, the text kept opening up.

3)ar P14=    light....(also botanical ref.      P14 (herb) of light...)  This could be either Ain resh or aleph resh. As the Latin A could be either.  There are three possible choices in this word as far as definition.  Ain resh would render; enemy, foe.  Which doesnt really fit.  Also it could be awake, wakeful. This could be used and probably is the better choice over what I chose originally which was the word Light..aleph vav resh.
4) ataiin
P489 at   appointed time.   aiin P470 (AIN)     ?The? eye AT answers to ain teth and forms a complete idea with the Eye. No other AT combination makes sense when combined with EYE in one of his trick forms as AIIN.  Here is an example of knowing the subject. This IS the appointed time of the eye.

I hope this helps.  I know I tend to get carried away sometimes but this is how I get. I told you at the beginning Im a loose cannon. 
You can not get the ridged translation you are looking for here. It doesnt exist. He is playing with you. All of this seems to have been done deliberately to make you second guess yourself. Look at AIN/AIIN/AIIIN.  Look at that last line where you have to use the last letters of each word. He is playing with your head. Its a game.  I hate games. I would rather sit and read straight text and learn something. 
I will do what i can to help. Like I told Karl I have no intention of spending the rest of my life on this. Its just that it seems every time I look at something I see something else...like that galaxy picture.  I looked at the first line of the second picture on 68r or whatever it is. Every word ends in "Y".  He is up to something again...try dropping all the Y's.  Remember...its a game.


The End is near....Something plural this way comes.
Have a nice day :-)