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I dont know if this sent or not so im sending again....

But that assumes that the EVA character choices are the _actual_ phonetic values of the
characters, whereas in fact they were arbitrarily chosen for convenience.

Then explain to me, 1) why they look like the Latin letters, easy ones first it would seem and then what was left, the harder ones, was speculation. I laid out A-Z and the Voynich letters on top of each and they look the same. 2) When applied to the language it works...These letters are the Latin equivalents. This writer was not from Mars. He was from here. His thought pattern has to stay within given parameters unless he was insane. All cyphers are made to be broken or why bother. I have a book with these kinds of ancient alphabets. Even though the author of each seemingly went through the same thing the Voynich author did, each was made to be broken.

So how do you make sure that your interpertation is the only possible one out of all the
words that could have the same ending letters?

From what I have seen, it fits certain parameters. I would NEVER have found the subject without LaViolette's work. Who knew? LaViolette's work casts an entirely new light on ancient EYE symbolism as far back as the ancient agriculturalists. It brings into question EYE symbolism that has made it to modern times. Like the Masonic Eye on top of the pyramid. Always referred to as the Eye of God. Now it seems there was only ONE Eye of God...
All words translated have to be words that fit these parameters. He is playing a visual game. The context was THE most important story in the ancient world I have seen. They knew it was coming...but didnt know when.

It's already been shown time and time
again how one can project whatever interpretation one wants onto such an open encryption

Then at some point...how many pages does this manuscript have???...the interpretation has to break down. To me logic would dictate that it could not continue. This was the reason I went to the 3page foldout. I figured if I was wrong It would show up here x amount of pages into the MS. Then I looked at the picture and saw what I saw. I did not believe it. I couldnt have been. Hence the verification. When I got that answer back I was amazed. I have also looked at the other two pictures. The three belong together. I still need to look up some things but they all tell a short story. All fit the same scenario. To me it is stranger to find a depiction of our galaxy exploding and the impact it will have on our sun. This falls into the same category as the astronomical information the Dogon have and shouldn't. And it fits the interpretation of the text.

The solution must not only be possible from the available choices, but one must also be
able to reject all other possible solutions using the same scheme.


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