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Re: Sukhotin's algorithm etc

On 19 Jan 2001, at 10:58, Jacques Guy wrote:
> Gabriel Landini wrote:
> > [vowels:]
> > English          21360  e,a,o,i,u,y
> > Latin            22608  e,i,a,u,o,y
> Pretty good, eh? 

> > EVA              32000+ o,c,a,y,n,e,s,g
> > CURVA            31582  o,y,a,e,Ee,p,g
> > GAVA             24508  o,y,a,e,Ee,g
> > FSG              26967  o,y,a,e,Z,g,u
> > Currier          26134  o,y,a,e,g,u
> > Frogguy          32000+ e,o,a,y,p,n,j,g
> Careful there. Frogguy <p> and <j> are not 
> letters.
Yes, of course, and Z in FSG is not a letter either (it is the complex 
gallow marker).

 They are the right halves of
> gallows. And <g> is the right half of
> Frogguy <cg> and <ig>. <y> in Frogguy???

I just realised that I copyied from a powerpoint table and because I 
posted with no font associated, some characters got mixed up 
(some were in EVA font and some weren't). Sorry about that. Here 
is what the table should look like:


In green the common letters between the alphabets and in yellow 
the wrong ones in the known languages.