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Re: Sukhotin's algorithm etc

Dear all,
with all this dicussion about  Sukhotin's algorithm, I wondered on what
encryption schema it will work, esp. n-morphic substitution alphabeth.
Obviously (IMHO) it will work with n=1, as shown by Gabriel (ASCII-Text is -
as far as I know - monomorphic one byte encodes one char in both ways). But
what result do you get, when n=2 or higher? I believe (but don't know) you
get more canditates for each CV-group, but to what extend ? What about the
progressive encoding (from an earlier posting), in which char was
substituted by the encoding symbol? Will you get all chars are C or all are
V or both ? How does the algorithm decide into hat group a char falls by
vote or is there no decision at all.
I know, these are many question, but with a correct answer, maybe we can
exclude n>1 n-morphic enconding in the VMS as Gabriel's results are quite
All the best