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Re: Sukhotin's algorithm etc

On 18 Jan 2001, at 18:15, Mark Perakh wrote:

> Did anybody apply that method to VMS, and if yes, were the
> symbols in VMS reliably shown to be either vowels or consonants?

Here is what I've done some time ago. The program written by 
Jacques (VFQ) is available at my site, together with his 
explanation/translation of the original S's paper.

Language       chars    Vowels
English          21360  e,a,o,i,u,y
Latin            22608  e,i,a,u,o,y

English + ?      21397  e,a,o,i,u,y,?
dain daiin Latin 23726  i,e,d,o,f,y,h

EVA              32000+ o,c,a,y,n,e,s,g
CURVA            31582  o,y,a,e,Ee,p,g
GAVA             24508  o,y,a,e,Ee,g
FSG              26967  o,y,a,e,Z,g,u
Currier          26134  o,y,a,e,g,u
Frogguy          32000+ e,o,a,y,p,n,j,g

If you need the Bitrans files to translate between EVA and the other 
alphabets, just ask.