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Re: Sukhotin's Algorithm

In the sequence ctvrthodina the first five characters mean quarter,
hence a short e is implied between c and t, and there must be stress on
that implied e.  Hodina means hour and the stress is on i. However, when
two words are concatenated, the stress may shift, so in a rapid speech
quite probably the first stress fallls on the second implied short e,
which is between v and r.  I cannot understand spoken Czech, but rather
easily understand the written one. Interesting that while in Russian the
sequence of several consonants in a row is much less common than in
Czech and Polish, it is still found in a number of words, for example
pretknovenie, osushchestvlenie, konstrukciya, rasprostranenie, etc.,
hence given that Sukhotin was (or is?) a Russian, his assumption seems
strange. Mark

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> "Rafal T. Prinke" wrote:
> >    Strch prst skrz krk.
> Seem familiar, Jorge?
> Or, where lies the stress in: ctvrthodina (quarter of an hour)?
> Cheers, Rene