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Re: Sukhotin's Algorithm

If I saw that text I would rather easily identify prst as finger because
perst is the Old Slavonic for finger, and skrz as through because skroz'
is Ukrainian for through (Russian analog is skvoz') . However I would be
puzzled by krk and strch since I cannot figure any analogs to them in
Russian, Ukrainian or Old Slavonic. Nape of the neck can be referred to
in a Russian-Ukrainian slang (not in the literary lang) as zakorki,
which seems to have the root like the Polish kark. Mark

"Rafal T. Prinke" wrote:

> Grant Covell wrote:
> >
> > I'm gonna have to ask but what does:
> >
> > >    Strch prst skrz krk.
> >
> > mean?
> Apparently it means "Stick a finger through the nape of your neck".
> Not much sense - but quite economical. "Krk" means "nape of neck"
> (Polish is "kark" - so closer to Sukhotin).
> Best regards,
> Rafal