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Re: Sukhotin's Algorithm

Hi, Dennis: in Ukrainian the occurences of sequences of consonants without
vowels between them seem to about as common as in Russian. Examples:
skladniy, zdrignuty, sklepinnya, etc. Ukrainian has also many words borrowed
from Polish, which is not the case with Russian.  PS: Just for fun: There is
only one word in Russian that has in it three e in a row: Dlinnosheee
(meaning a creature with a long neck).

Dennis wrote:

> Mark Perakh wrote:
> >
> > Interesting that while in Russian the
> > sequence of several consonants in a row is much less common than in
> > Czech and Polish, it is still found in a number of words, for example
> > pretknovenie, osushchestvlenie, konstrukciya, rasprostranenie, etc.,
> > hence given that Sukhotin was (or is?) a Russian, his assumption seems
> > strange.
>         What about Ukrainian?
> Dennis