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Re: looking for Baresch

"Rafal T. Prinke" wrote:

> The most dangerous one for Polish tourists going to Bohemia
> is "szukac" which means "look for" or "try to find" and in Czech it
> is a vulgar word - equivalent of the most frequent word in _Pulp
> Fiction_ in literal meaning <g>.
> When a Polish tourist says "Excuse me, I am looking for the museum",
> the reaction may be just a smile - but saying "I am looking
> for Dr. Capkova"... you may imagine.

	I can't resist.  A francophone Belgian woman I knew
was living in the United States.  At the time she knew
little English.  She got the idea that "f*ck" meant
going to the bathroom.  She was visiting someone for
dinner.  At one point, she said, "Excuse me but I have
to go f*ck."  <shudder>

	I read on a newsgroup that I frequent that the French
call us Yanks "goddams" or "f*ckoffs", because we use
those terms so freely.