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Re: looking for Baresch

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> Mnishowski and of course Hajek were long dead by that time,
> so their entries would have been found through their
> descendants/heirs. 

Mnisovsky died 10 years earlier - but the house was still
known by his name and owned by his daughters (which means
he had no sons).

> > If Baresch had a house in Prague, he should be there.
> > But he is not!
> I agree that this is a bit of a surprise. His letter of
> 1639 was sent from Prague.

And he must certainly have been alive in 1653.

> Hajek's house where Dee stayed was at Betlemska though.

Yes, I forgot. But the point is that he is mentioned
(and a number of other Hajeks of unknown relationship).

> > 4. At the corner of Dlouha and Dusni there was a house called
> >    "At the Golden Stones" (U zlatych kamen) which was sold
> >    in 1628 by representatives of the _emigrant_ Samuel Dobransky
> >    z Nigropontu [ie. Pontanus] to the present owner - Jan Jiri
> >    Tonner. Another member of the family - Jan junior Dobransky
> >    z Nigropontu had 1/4 of the house of his wife at Betlemska.
> This is becoming confusing. The Pontanus who was a friend of
> Jacobus of Tepenec died around 1614. Marci had a pupil called
> Dobrzenski de Nigroponte, but I can't think of his first name
> right now. Not Samuel. He would have been in his childhood in
> 1628.

It was all one family - descendants of Vavlav (d. 1599). The pupil
of Marci - and later also the rector of the university - was
his grandson Jakub Jan Vaclav (d. 1697). I have a note here
that he was a physician and greatly interested in alchemy!

Best regards,