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Re: looking for Baresch

Jorge Stolfi wrote:

>     > Mnishowski and of course Hajek were long dead by that time
>     > [1653], so their entries would have been found through their
>     > descendants/heirs. For Baresch we don't known when he died but
>     > we have even less of a clue about any dependants.
> Well, we know (do we?) that he left his alchemical library to
> Marci.

I am still not sure we do - as there is no hard evidence for
his existence (nor his library existence).

> Rafal, I see that the _Berni rula_ records the prior owners of some
> proeprties, sometimes going back to 1628. Was that a general rule,
> or was that information recorded only occasionally?

Most of such information is given in the editor's footnotes,
where he quotes actual records of purchase and other resources
identifying both houses and people listed. In the case of
Mnisovsky was still recorded under his name ("of the late R.M.").

There is another census of 1651 called _Soupis poddanych podle viry_
(List of subjects according to faith) which covers all the people,
not only tax payers. They started publishing it in the 1990's
but I have not seen it yet (not in the libraries here).

Best regards,