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Visual Encoding of VMs

Okay, team -- I know my position is tenuous within this august team of
researchers, but I took a look at Big Jim's page on the VMs,

and I urge the rest of you to do the same -- with a fresh "eye".

I too had qualms about how arbitrary EVA assignments could be "accurate,"
but his answer on the page persuades me: our team members were doing the
same kind of visual (un)encryption unconsciously that he is doing
consciously -- which is why Vms "a"s and "o"s look like EVA ones and roman
letters (and/or his other examples).

Remember, we're not looking for some medieval encryption genius, and this
would be a perfect way to hide Hebrew in Christian lands at that time.

And yes, the Eye could be right -- it's just the kind of esoteric teaching
that would deserve a visual encryption so that nobody could just stumble
onto it. AIN and its variants wouldn't even have jumped out at him had not
the Galactic Eye material been fresh on his mind, along with a knowledge of
Hebrew -- in my mind just the kind of propiquity and synchronicity needed to
stumble onto an answer which has eluded others for a long time, and with
information possibly pertinent to us right now.

Q: why does the Sphynx have the body of a lion and the head of a man? That's
Leo and Aquarius, 13,000 years apart on the 26,000 year Great Year cycle
caused by precession of equinoxes -- marking the exact points involved in
LaViolette's galactic core explosions. We are at the end of the "Fourth
World" in Hopi and other ancient teachings in America.

If we figured out that this cycle was accurate, how would WE try to pass it
on to the next world 13,000 or 26,000 years later?

warm regards, moonhawk
<moonhawk@xxxxxxx> & <dalford@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>