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Re: Visual Encoding of VMs

I write; therefore, I'm right.

Sound argument I guess - and I particularly like the clarity with which any
Hebrew speaker could read it now too - oh, sorry - I mean any Hebrew speaker
who can see through BigJim's eye.

The evidence for his system is just so hard to argue with now. Thanks Dan
for making it so clear. I have eyes; therefore, I can see.

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Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2001 1:58 PM
Subject: Visual Encoding of VMs

| Okay, team -- I know my position is tenuous within this august team of
| researchers, but I took a look at Big Jim's page on the VMs,
| <http://www.gloryroad.net/~bigjim/the_eye.htm>
| and I urge the rest of you to do the same -- with a fresh "eye".
| I too had qualms about how arbitrary EVA assignments could be "accurate,"
| but his answer on the page persuades me: our team members were doing the
| same kind of visual (un)encryption unconsciously that he is doing
| consciously -- which is why Vms "a"s and "o"s look like EVA ones and roman
| letters (and/or his other examples).
| Remember, we're not looking for some medieval encryption genius, and this
| would be a perfect way to hide Hebrew in Christian lands at that time.
| And yes, the Eye could be right -- it's just the kind of esoteric teaching
| that would deserve a visual encryption so that nobody could just stumble
| onto it. AIN and its variants wouldn't even have jumped out at him had not
| the Galactic Eye material been fresh on his mind, along with a knowledge
| Hebrew -- in my mind just the kind of propiquity and synchronicity needed
| stumble onto an answer which has eluded others for a long time, and with
| information possibly pertinent to us right now.
| Q: why does the Sphynx have the body of a lion and the head of a man?
| Leo and Aquarius, 13,000 years apart on the 26,000 year Great Year cycle
| caused by precession of equinoxes -- marking the exact points involved in
| LaViolette's galactic core explosions. We are at the end of the "Fourth
| World" in Hopi and other ancient teachings in America.
| If we figured out that this cycle was accurate, how would WE try to pass
| on to the next world 13,000 or 26,000 years later?
| warm regards, moonhawk
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