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Re: Roslin Chapel "corn cobs" and "aloe" images

From: "steve" <ekwall2@xxxxxxxx>
To: "Jordan C. Lund" <lundj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
 "Adam McLean" <alchemy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: Roslin Chapel  "corn cobs" and  "aloe" images
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Hi Jordan et all
Touche~ Sir !!!  I was surprized to learn of some "educated elites" as late as
the  turn of the century 1890's - in the south pacific... These were
"transplanted" government members from Dutch / English colonization era.....
In the book "Sailing Alone Around the World - Capt Johua Slocum" non-fiction
Sheridan House - chapter XVIII gives excellent interviews of such a meeting
of Mr. Kruger, the Transvaal president, (christmas 1897),
When presented with LOGS and (navigation explinations of the stars, and from
the Portegese University.. JUST SHUT DOWN Mentally - yelling "Poppy COCK"
you mean "Sailing IN the World"  He refused to listen (as a child throwing a
tantrum - holding HIS fingers in his ears refusing to listen to even one
more "bit of it !"
he said.  All attempts were meet with "THAT Proves Nothing - or - THAT'S NOT
(sigh) Capt Slocum (on his good ship "SPRAY") just continued on his historic
voyage... _circumnavigating the GLOBE (world) single handidly_
Some time's it's best to let the Closed Minded remain in their little castle
rooms (content -as it were) ... For there is an even GREATER Universe (our world + heavens) that would boggle those minds even further...
ref: Dana's pursuits:
As for Plant(s) evolution and changed _species_ - I only recall the COCKROACH
... now There is a "puppy" that hasn't changed in a while !!!  I MUST
CONCLUDE (speaking only for myself, else would be arrogant) some "plant(s)
must surely remain the same too - How about the Spore(s) Family and the ancient
"Stromolites" found only in 4 Australian Lakes, but they go back 3000 million years in their fossil family history - STILL UNCHANGED !!! to consider a _hybrid_ rose of 300 years ago is one thing, but Three THOUSAND "MILLION" Years ... shows growth CAN and still DOES remain the same in places...
Stromolite ref:
<a href="" here
or http://around2000.actweb.net/September/towns/cervantes.html      here
AN OPEN MIND is a ~BLESSED MIND~ though one my be labeled a Looney - at his time, The TRUTH will out !!
Best to you & yours
steve ( I'm a Open minded Looney too .. ha.haaa ) ekwall

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From: Jordan C. Lund <lundj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Adam McLean <alchemy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Sunday, April 01, 2001 11:17 PM
Subject: Re: Roslin Chapel "corn cobs" and "aloe" images

>> Let us get back to a real investigation of the Voynich
>> manuscript. I must confess I find it annoying when people
>> post nonsense like this onto a serious interdisciplinary
>> discussion group composed of  people who have thought
>> deeply and struggled with the best of their intellect and
>> experience to read the Voynich manuscript.
>Silly me, I thought it was a group of people dedicated to challenging
>known pre-conceptions and trying to figure things out! If only I had
>known it was filled with snobs dedicated to burying their heads in the
>> Coins dating back to 50,000 years ago ! Oh no! These were
>> no doubt dropped by the green men from Sirius B who were
>> on Earth genetically modifying sea slugs to make
>> human beings as an experiment in evolution.
>First off, I did not date the strata to 50,000 years ago, that was done
>by the Illinois State Geological Survey. Secondly, I challenge you to
>find a copy of Cremo's book and at least read the story I put forward
>here (page 801, "Forbidden Archaeology"), he doesn't attempt to force an
>explanation (little green men or otherwise) he simply states the facts
>that a coin with unknown script was found in a place it had absolutely
>no place being (buried in clay 125 below ground.)
>Your way of thinking is exactly why the Voynich manuscript hasn't been
>cracked. You're so caught up in pre-conceptions of what is possible and
>what is not possible. Did you see the news the other day?
>http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/0,,3-105890,00.html The Nauticos
>Corporation had been brought in to look for a lost Israeli submarine, in
>the process they found 4 ancient Greek ships 200 miles from the nearest
>land. Scholars had been saying for years that the Greeks did not have
>the technology for long trips out of sight of land, they couldn't be
>bothered to look in deep water because "everyone knows" that it just
>wasn't possible. Well surprise, surprise, the "experts" were wrong again.
>I am so tired of people who don't bother to stretch their limits and
>consider other possibilities. If you saddle yourself with the current
>prevailing thought then you're no better than the fundamentalists of