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Re: Site about alphabets

Jorge Stolfi wrote:
> Here is an interesting site about ancient writing systems:
>   http://www.proel.org/alfabetos.html  (in Spanish)

	Very interesting.  Due to my work on Hamptonese, I've read about the
indigenous African writing systems (but I no longer believe that Hampton
made use of these systems; I know of no precedents for  his writing

	Here's a web site  I wrote about the African systems: 

Indigenous African Syllabic and Phonemic Writing Systems

It's interesting to note that usually an individual invented each
script, just as Sequoyah invented the Cherokee script.  Once they
recognized that one can write language and that this is a powerful tool,
a gifted individual created a writing system for his people.  Usually
these scripts were syllabaries; each character is a stylized picture of
something that is a short word in the language, and one uses the rebus
principle to write out larger words.  

Cornell Univ. has a list of African scripts:

as does the Bibliotheque Nationale de France:

	Some things that the alfabetos page mentions (such as Ndibisi in West
Africa) are a different matter entirely.  These are somewhere between
morphographic systems like Chinese and pictographic systems; they
consist of stylized pictograms that people of many languages can
understand.  Here's my Web site on this:

The Symbols of Mankind

Note that some of these systems are quite practical for the modern