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RE: Templar question

How about this:
The money pit is more likely built around 1360... Prince Henry Sinclair
came to what is now Novae Scotia in 1358 if I recall from reading in "The holy
grail across the atlantic" by Miachel Bradley.

Whith him were one or possibly two zeno brother with their maps acquired from
Templars who ammassed their fortune by acts of piratry. That resulted in their
doom as Philip IV of France who wanted in on the action started the inquisition
against them and the Cathars. That's where Henry Sinclair comes in. After the 
fall on Montsegur in 1244, what remained of the Cathars planned their escape.
It will take them eventually to Scotland to embarq on a
cruse across the atlantic along with their treasure 
(or/and that of the knights). They built a village called "the cross" near
Oak island. This village was later emptied of its inhabitants and destroyed...
by Champlain! He "imported" people not from France but from the Village to 
what will later become Montreal (recall Mont Real is a Cathar name!). 
Which is why Champlain's final resting place is NOT in Quebec city but in 
Montreal, under Mont Royal ;-)
As for the VMS, well it's merely a depiction of what was at the cross and
oak island, wioth history of those aboard the 2 ships that sailed with earl

I guess this if as far fetched as it goes!

Nonetheless, Holy grail across the atlantic is a entertainning book to read 
while on vacation. Enjoy the summer!

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Fee, fie, foh, fum, I smell crankery.  

> I don't know if it meets your requirements, but I enjoyed _The Lost
> Treasure of the Knights Templar: Solving the Oak Island Mystery_ by
> Steven Sora, publushed by Destiny Books out of Rochester, Vermont.  My
> papreback copy has ISBN 0-89281-710-0.

I recall hearing that all the work on the "money pit" has pretty much
lost the original shaft.  The article I read about Oak Island said that
the French (of about 1650???) would have had the engineering knowhow to
contruct the pit.  

Of course, the Frenchmen who did that might have been surviving Templars

I'd like to hear a *really good* Templar theory for the VMs.  It would
be a perfect addition to my "Just for Fun" collection on my webpage.