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VMs Administrivia [Re: unsubscribe]

leerader wrote:
>      unsubscribe
>      get off this virus message please !!!
> unsubscribe me too, please... to many viruses.
> sorry!

Pamachanto and leerader are removed.  As a reminder, all administrative
requests should go to jim@xxxxxxx, NOT to the whole list.  You never send
administrative requests to your mailing lists.  Bad form.

To answer Clay Holden's comment, Gary Johnson (whose machine is
sending a lot of these) is not a member of the list.  You don't
have to be in order to send mail to the list.  I find mailing lists
that enforce this restriction to be a royal pain: if I don't have
the same signature from the same machine with which I subscribed
I get bounced.

On the virus front, while it's certainly annoying for us to be
receiving all these copies of the SirCom (Code Red) virus, we're
not alone -- even the IETF mailing lists are inundated with virus
postings and responses to them this week.  I just read on the news
that the FBI itself was infected, and the virus sent a dozen of
its private files out, including one classified "For Official Use

Yet another reminder: do not send attachments to the list, and
do not open attachments if they appear in a message.  Better yet,
switch to a non-Microsoft operating system.

My current plan is to simply wait it out.  Feel free to supply
actual Voynich-related content.
	Jim Gillogly
	Hevensday, 2 Wedmath S.R. 2001, 18:29, 8 Chuen 9 Xul, Seventh Lord of Night