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VMs administrivia [Re: unsubscribe]

Invent Yourself wrote:
> I am not unsubscribing (I'm smart enough to use a virus-proof mail
> system!) but please, Jim, or whoever has the power, is there a script or
> filter rule you can install that blocks the relay of mails containing this
> pesky virus?

Not with the current way I do it, but I've asked the site administrators
if they can help.  I've been trying to keep a low profile on the overhead
for the list because I left the company five years ago and we exist on
sufferance there.  However, I agree this infestation rises to the level
that makes it worth trying to get filtering in place, so I have a call
in to them.  I'll keep the list posted on any improvements.
	Jim Gillogly
	Hevensday, 2 Wedmath S.R. 2001, 23:28, 8 Chuen 9 Xul, Seventh Lord of Night