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Character n anomaly

Hi folks,
I just had a look at the key-like sequences
49v, 57v, 66r, 76r 
Putting all these together I noted that looking for isolated 
characters in the sequences, h, a, n, p, g, b, j, u do not appear in 
any key-like sequences on their own.

I found this not so strange for g, b, j and u since they could be 
forms of other characters, but I thought it was curious for h, a, n 
and p not to be there (in fact there is a weirdo tall character that 
*could* represent p)
So I concentrated for a moment on the frequency duplets in the ms 
containing n.

"_" means space

n_ 6121
an 119 
en 7
in 6058
on 9
sn 1
*n 2
_n 4
na 15
nc 1
nd 10
ne 1
ng 2
ni 1
nl 3
no 21
ny 25

so obviously "n" is located more often word-terminal,  mostly 
associated with "i" and with "a".
Out of 994 word *types* containing "n" (at any location), 900 types 
contain "ain", "aiin" or "aiiin". I think this is really strange. "n" is (as 
noted before) almost exclusively word terminal but in a special 

Out of 3384 word types containing "a" (at any location), 1289 
contain "ai"
So I can't stop thinking that there is something really weird. Note 
that this frequencies are about words (so the great frequency of 
"dain", "daiin" words does not count).
I remember that Denis Mardle once pointed out that in the 
sequence at inner circle of f57v, "aiin" seems to be in the middle of 
the sequence as if it was another character. Similarly "sh" appears 
in f66r standing on its own...