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Re: Character n anomaly

    > [Gabriel:] I just had a look at the key-like sequences
    > 49v, 57v, 66r, 76r 

In http://www.dcc.unicamp.br/~stolfi/voynich/Notes/034/Note-034.html you
will find a summary of those sequences, plus those on pages 1r, 69r, and 75v.

    > Putting all these together I noted that looking for isolated 
    > characters in the sequences, h, a, n, p, g, b, j, u do not appear in 
    > any key-like sequences on their own.

Indeed...  except that I see <p>s in 49v, 57v (ring 3 from center) and 66r. 

    > I remember that Denis Mardle once pointed out that in the 
    > sequence at inner circle of f57v, "aiin" seems to be in the middle of 
    > the sequence as if it was another character.
Yes, with <?ar> and <dar>.  Also, <air> similarly occurs as a character in 66r.

    > Similarly "sh" appears in f66r standing on its own...
The symbol <sh> also occurs by itself in 57v (ring 2). Since <sh>
hardly ever occurs by itself in normal text, we can assume that it is
being used here as a "letter".

Note also the two types of <f> in 66r...

All the best,