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Re: Fw: Character n anomaly

Hi Nick,

On 29 Jul 2001, at 21:03, Nick Pelling wrote:
> > > As for P and F being separators - these characters appear in
> > > labels as well
> In Gallowspace, many labels become multiple words, not single words.

One detail... If the spaces are spaces and the gallows are also 
spaces, then the dissected words after gallow removal should 
produce valid voynich words which may (should?) appear 
somewhere else in the ms.  But this does not seem happen. Take 
the complex gallows like "cph", "cfh"; those should generate words 
ending in "c" and starting in "h". Only in 2  instances in the whole 
ms. end there are tokens ending in "c", and there is not a single 
word starting with "h".

Ok, "e" could be a final "c" (despite that a slightly funny "c" exists in 
a key-like sequence on its own) and starting "h" could be just "c" so 
the "ch" combination could be "cc", but then we would need to look 
more closely and try to explain whether "e" and "c" are the same 
letter. For transcription we use "e" if it connects to the next letter 
from below and "c" only it does it from the top.

Also there are no words starting with "ph" or fh" or ending with "cp" 
or "cf", despite that there are words starting with "f" and "p".
So could one start a word with a separator on top of the space but 
never do it at the end?

I think that capitalisation (ok, not a spacer) could be one case. It 
would also fit nicely with the fact that *many* paragraphs start with a 
But then the gallows should be considered an alternative form of 
other characters. 
The most similar to "p" and "f" are "t" and "k" respectively.
I did some chi-squared long time ago on the duplet frequencies or 
the gallow letters and the frequencies of duplets in the two pairs 
and they were statistically different. I will try to dig that up.