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Re: Fw: Character n anomaly

Hi Gabriel,

One detail... If the spaces are spaces and the gallows are also

In my understanding of the GSH, spaces aren't spaces: they're either nulls, or a completely separate character, or they have some other function and are somehow threaded through. Occam's Razor would tend to favour the first two... but that may mean nothing here. :-)

I therefore don't think it right to start building character-sequence hypotheses on top of the GSH until more definitive statistical studies of at least the first two above possibilities have been done.

Gallowspace might also explain the line-end phenomenon Currier remarked upon: if a GS word finished near the end of a line, the line would then need to be padded with nonsense to make it "look right".

Also: if the length of the nonsense at the line-end could be (somehow) determined, that might give a rough lower bound of the length of the first word on the following line (the next one down, assuming sequential top-to-bottom writing).

IMO, the unpredictability near (right-hand) line-ends clearly points to (1) cryptography, and (2) left-to-right encoding. At the very least, the GSH fits both of these.

Best regards, .....Nick Pelling.....