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Re: Folding keys etc...

Hi Steve,

OK: let's see if we can move even more steps closer! :-)

The characters under a "long gallows" character (the embellished stretched-out ones that begin some paragraphs) are associated with different keys.

Every time people decoding a page see a "long gallows", they put down the key they're holding and pick up the new one indicated by the characters under the gallows' shadow. They also then initially fold the key in the direction indicated by the type of gallows character?

        Aside to the group:- does anyone know how many times
        "long gallows" characters appear in the whole VMS?

Then: proceeding left-to-right, top-to-bottom, they use the translation table (on the key they're holding) associated the last-encountered gallows character to translate each character (or short group of characters) they read, thereby producing a character or short word (like "the" or "and", etc).

Then: every time they run into a gallows character, they refold the key they're holding so as to match the orientation of the gallows character (according to the folding diagram on your site).

the interesting thing to me is, that it includes 8
characters and NOT 8 words or 8 recipes or 8 (ANYthing Larger than a
character setting) I have not even compared this to "text"
characters but they appeared to FIT right in with the other
characters and are NOT foriegn shapes etc..

Aside to the group:- has anyone catalogued all the groups of characters that lie beneath all the "long gallows" instances?

        Also: do any of those groups of characters reappear
        in any of the "key-like" pages?

So, I guess I will will
just call them the _LONG GALLOWS_ until (i'm sure) someone
corrects me and tells me "THEY" already have a name in the
group here. <-=se=-

"Long gallows" works for me. :-)

-=se=-> I believe that there are/were(?) at least 3 (THREE) key pages,
         That's all I've seen so far <-=se=-

Sorry: do you mean "seen" as in "seen the long gallows that refer to those key pages" or "seen the actual key pages themselves"?

        Aside to the group: as an explanation for a lot of the features
        and statistical profile of the VMS, that also fits in with the level
        of cryptography contemporary to the historical dating indicated
        by the context... I think this actually makes a lot of sense.

Interesting! :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....