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RE: Edward Kelley...?

Dear all,

"Joseph H. Peterson" <joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

[lots of interesting things snipped]

> Here's what Dee's Mysteriorum Libri say about the
> Book of Dunstan  [...]
> Kelley, along with John Blokley found the Book of
> Dunstan, along with a scroll (treasure map)
> "Anno 1583 Martij 23.  Saterday  a meridie.
> 	D:  EK being come, with Mr John Husey of Blokley.
> (on the 22 day of marche)
> and EK being desirous to understand somwhat of our
> spirituall frendes as
> concerning such matter as had falln out very strange
> to him and Mr Husey:
> abowt a certayne moniment of a boke and a skroll
> fownd in Northwik hill [In
> marg: The boke fownd in Northwik hill.] by the
> direction and leading of such
> a spirituall Creature, as when they had gotten the
> same, and they endeuored
> by art to haue some exposition of the skroll,
> written in strange characters,
> they wer willed to repayre to me, and there they
> shold be answered: &c.
> which thing now they did."
> This is referred to as the "Book of Saint Dunstan"
> in a footnote to the
> following day's action:
> "Vide sup. Lib. 4: Ao. 1587. Circa Maiu: Quidam Ben,
> (spiritualis Creatura)
> dixit ipi EK, se custodinisse illum pulverem et
> librum Dunstani, &c. -D."

Now, where does the 'Saint' in 'Book of St.Dunstan'
come from?
Also, the scroll seems to be the well-known treasure
map(s) so is the book of St. Dunstan still a scroll?
Also, the mysterious writing is known to be on the
scrolls, rather than the Book of St.Dunstan.

Correct? Any hints?

Further, I wonder if anyone has seen the following
sources for Kelley, and know whether they are
reliable and/or contain anything more than the
usual information (apologies for their

1) Morhof: Epistola ad Langelottum
2) Lenglet du Fresnoy: Histoire de la philosophie
3) 'V.S.R.P.' (i.e. Anon.): Edelgeborne Jungfrau
   Alchymia, Wuerttemberg, 1730

Thanks, Rene

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