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Re: Edward Kelley...?

Dear Rene,

> Further, I wonder if anyone has seen the following
> sources for Kelley, and know whether they are
> reliable and/or contain anything more than the
> usual information (apologies for their
> incompleteness):
> 1) Morhof: Epistola ad Langelottum
> 2) Lenglet du Fresnoy: Histoire de la philosophie
>    hermetique
> 3) 'V.S.R.P.' (i.e. Anon.): Edelgeborne Jungfrau
>    Alchymia, Wuerttemberg, 1730

All of them are standard sources of information on alchemists
and are not very reliable. Most of what you will find
in modern accounts of alchemists' lives (eg. by A.E. Waite)
comes from exactly those books. The last one is (or so they say)
by one J.K. Creiling.

There was an article on Kelley's life in _Cauda Pavonis_ 
in 1999 or 2000 which I seem to have lost somewhere.

Best regards,