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RES: That character that looks like a 4


I have been lurking to this list for the last 12 months, with some ideas in
mind, that are not yet ripe to be presented, which I will do in a near
future, I guess.

What brings me out of my foxhole is the existance of secret codes in the
Bible, subject that might as well been discussed here.

An algorith was developed at U.R.C.I. - Université Rose-Croix
Internationale, in France, to test these secret codes. Ouram Egiturre wrote
an article, published in Portuguese in "O Pantáculo", year VII, number 7,
1999 (more information rosacruz@xxxxxxxxxxxx).

The idea of such secret codes are not new. Isaac Newton was sure that there
were secret codes in the Bible.
In 1989, Doron Witzum, Eliyahu Rips and Yoav Rosenberg contributed with the
article "Hamidah Hanossaf"( The Continuous Dimension) and 1993 they gave us
Equidistant Letter Sequencences in The Book of Genesis, Statistical Science,
vol. 9, number 3, aug 1993.

The article of Ouram Egiturre is interesting for my personnal Rosicrucian
and Martinist studies. Perhaps the method he used has been used by the
Scholars in their tentatives of reading VMS.

Now, back to my lurking mode.


Osmar Jardim, Loca Rádio, Curitiba
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 > > You must admit that character combinations at the very start of page
 > > that don't appear elsewhere sound suspiciously like a key sequence. :-/
 >Well, think of the Bible: b'reshith barah Elohim...
 >How often does the character combination "b'reshith..." appear elsewhere
 >in the Bible? I haven't checked, but here is my guess: zero times. And the
 >Bible is a lot longer than the VMS. So...

 .....the Bible must be in code too. :-)

 -=se=-> * C O O L * !!! Now we're "talking" I've heard the Bible IS
in code if you have the Original Jewish Script (only) ... that is
every 15 or 250th word etc... points to names both Past and Future..
kind of like a 3D (4d+ ??) coding... appearently HITLER is in there

Maybe the TRUTH is ~weirder~ than fiction!

EK = ES?  es? -> se/"EKwall"