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Re: Voynich letters

There are also a (very) few
instances where the left and right parts of the gallows
are separated by several letters, e.g. q....p (in Frogguy)
which are not representable in EVA as far as I know.
Now that is a puzzle. It strengthens the hypothesis that
some gallows (t and k in EVA, qp and lp in Frogguy) are
not letters as we understand the term.

Steve Ekwall's assertion that the characters inside each long gallows form part of a key seems reasonably likely - with the only annoying thing being that the number inside each varies.

Comparing frequency counts of the characters inside extended gallows with those outside should give a rough idea whether they're all part of the same language or not. That would be a sensible starting point.

Aside from this (and the obvious can't-you-see-they're-just-meaningless-embellishments theory), are there any other hypotheses about what these could be?

Cheers, ....Nick Pelling....