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Re: Voynich letters

Dear all,

without wishing to go into the discussion what it
all *means*, the split gallows do cause a problem 
for transcription alphabets. Essentially, 99.x %
of all gallows are not split and while the Frogguy
alphabet does represent the split gallows elegantly,
it does mean that in these 99.x % of all cases the 
letter following 'l' or 'q' will be 'p' or 'j'
(I hope I got that right). Computing second
order entropies is one of the standard hobbies
of any Voynichologist and it will be clear that one
should not do it using the Frogguy alphabet,
without thinking of the consequences. This
is why Eva uses p, t, f and k for the combined 
gallows. There is however also a mechanism to
represent the unsplit gallows and the various
special ligatures (and all strange doodles we know
of) in Eva, as you may find on the
EVMT web site, specifically at:

Cheers, Rene
--- Jacques Guy <jguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> You can't "win them all."  There are also a (very)
> few 
> instances where the left and right parts of the
> gallows
> are separated by several letters, e.g. q....p (in
> Frogguy)
> which are not representable in EVA as far as I know.
> Now that is a puzzle. It strengthens the hypothesis
> that
> some gallows (t and k in EVA, qp and lp in Frogguy)
> are
> not letters as we understand the term.
> More mystery... rather, still as much mystery.

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