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Re: Voynich letters (corr)

I don't think so. Many of the split-G's seem to incorporate more than one
'word' as well.

On Feb 26th, I wrote :
The crossed Gallows cth/ckh/cph/cfh are not supposed to be EVER written in
the line initial position (only occurs 3 times in whole manuscript on f65v,
f76v, and f82v).

Secondly, and perhaps where several others would have occured - instead of
one of those specific Gallows - a Split-G exists. (This is still pure
speculation on my part that Split-G's are line-inital crossed-G's).

(But keep in mind that there are those label Split-G's too).

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> Jacques Guy wrote:
> >  There are also a (very) few
> > instances where the left and right parts of the gallows
> > are separated by several letters, e.g. q....p (in Frogguy)
> Oops! - let me try it again.
> I have seen a manuscript in which the initial word "Deus" was written as a
> illuminated "D" with the rest of the word written inside it. I wonder if
> "stretched gallows" characters could be something similar. One way to
> might be to look at what characters appear inside such a stretched gallows
> whether the equivalent word with the gallows character in front also
> Bruce