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Re: Voynich letters (corr)

John Grove wrote:

> Many of the split-G's seem to incorporate more than one
> 'word' as well.

I have been able to find only 11 "split gallows" characters, specifically on
pages 35R, 56R, 157R,
159R, 90R, 96V, 96R, 100V, 100R, and on three pages for which I don't know the
in the vicinity of 100.

A couple of observations:

- All but 3 start a paragraph.
- All but 2 have each leg anchored by the "ch" characters. One (56R) has no
anchors, the
    other (96V) has an anchor only on the right.
- Two are the same (90R & an unnumbered one): c(k)hgac(k)hy
- Two are very similar (157R)  c(k)hc(k)h  and (96R)  c(k)hc(k)ho