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Re: Voynich letters

Nick Pelling wrote:
> "Lou Pescadou", a very nice fish restaurant in Marseillan in the South of
> France, is named after the Oc word for "fisherman". So at the time of the
> VMS, there were numerous active languages with pesc- as a root for fish
> [never mind the precise grammar for now]. :-/

Lou Pescadou, as little Occitan as I know, is "le poisson" (Spanish:
el pescado -- literally: the fished one).

> If even these two fragments are in some way correct, it points to the VMS
> having probably *no* underlying language as such - it would be a hotchpotch
> of words from multiple Mediterranean languages (old and new), chosen so as
> to avoid repetition.

So, it would be in Sabir, like the scene in "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme",
where le bon bourgeois qui se voudrait gentilhomme is made "grand
mamamouchi". The VMS written in Sabir? Could be (but, this is the
usual me, I doubt it).

Oh, and why should <dain> be Greek "kai" rather than Malay "dan"?
Malay, BTW, was a sort of merchants' jargon (much like the Chinook
Jargon in West Coast Canada and America). It was used by sailors
of all nationalities from East Africa to the Philippines.

Being in a silly mood, I'll now move that <dain> is an
anagram of English "and". Itself an anagram of Malay "dan".

(Go to bed Frogguy, you've done enough pour ta réputation
ce soir).