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Sabir / Lingua Franca

RSRICHMOND@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Jacques Guy notes:
> >>So, it would be in Sabir, like the scene in "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme", 
> where le bon bourgeois qui se voudrait gentilhomme is made "grand 
> mamamouchi". The VMS written in Sabir? Could be (but, this is the usual me, I 
> doubt it).<<
> A language I've found out remarkably little about. Supposedly it was a trade 
> language used around the Mediterranean from about the 12th century, finally 
> dying in the 19th. It was often called "lingua franca" - being mostly of 
> Romance origin - the term "lingua franca" in the sense of what is now called 
> a trade language originated with Sabir. A handful of words in English 
> supposedly derive from it - savvy, pickaninny. What documentation of Sabir 
> exists?
> Bob Richmond
> Knoxville TN 

You might find the following website useful: 


It contains a wealth of information about Sabir, including a bibliography for 
further study.


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