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Re: Agrippa's astrological symbols

Hi Bernd,

Perhaps I'm not 100% convinced yet, but you certainly have a point there!

Try and build a single-stroke stylised astrological alphabet yourself, and you'll end up with much the same thing. :-)

Instinctively I reached for my Agrippa - and found some supporting evidence:

The last page of Book I also contains a "translation table" from astrological characters to
the Greek/Latin alphabet - which is of limited use, of course, as we can be sure some additional
coding mechanism must have been applied.

Who knows - there may be short sections within the VMS that are only singly encoded (using an existing older tradition), put in to help us mere mortals cope with the doubly encoded parts. :-)

Or perhaps they might be there simply to mock us. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....