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Re: Astrological symbols... decoded!

At 23:33 03/10/01 +0000, Jacques Guy wrote:
Nick Pelling wrote:
> Decoding the
> (2nd ring in) sequence of 17 x 4 is so obvious it's *shocking*.

The only obvious thing to me is that the zodiac does
not start with Aries,

Hmmm... neither does the VMS astrological section. :-)

and has only ten signs instead of

Planets aside, I can count 12 different signs within the line (10 + 2): and the two existing signs which you can easily write in a single penstroke (Capricorn and Leo) are almost entirely unchanged & in the correct position relative to each other. The correspondences with Aries and Aquarius are pretty good too: and I can make a pretty good case for all the planets and almost all the other signs. :-)

Take aim... FIRE! :-)

Cheers, ....Nick Pelling....