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Re: Astrological symbols... decoded!

Hi everyone,

I've got one more twist to this: I'd bet dollars to do[ugh]nuts that the mapping of astrological symbols to letters places the VMS firmly within a tradition of astrological alphabets of the period, possibly within alchemical texts. Adam?

I'd further wager Lombard Street to a China orange that many of those alphabets used the fastest-moving planets as vowels, with the slower planets and the signs (+ constellations + stars etc) as consonants.

And guess what? I think the VMS fit into this category. Using the 17 x 4 table as a prediction, you get:-

	Planet		EVA
	sun		o
	mercury	l
	venus		d
	mars		r (or) s
	moon		a	(EVA a is the closest mapping to the symbol in f57v)

Does this make sense?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: sorry if this arrives twice. :-(((