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Re: Astrological symbols... decoded!

Hi everyone,

More food for thought. :-)

moon a (EVA a is the closest mapping to the symbol in f57v)

I should perhaps qualify this: although there is an exact match for the "circumflex" in the EVA character set, it only appears once outside f57v: and that's on f85r2, the complicated 9-rosette fold-out.

Other things arising from the AAH (astrological alphabet hypothesis):

(1) as the EVA x symbol (which would match Jupiter) only appears 16 times in the whole VMS, perhaps it mutated into either (a) the picnic table or (b) EVA q. Given that EVA q is (pretty much) the symbol for Jupiter (in a single pen-stroke), the latter would seem more likely.

(2) the shape of the Mars symbol has structural similarities with the shape of the Taurus symbol. Perhaps one became EVA s and the other EVA r (which are both very similar)?

(3) The Beneventan "ee" character I believe is used in place of Pisces - the shorthand version on f57v doesn't appear elsewhere, and looks a bit clunky.

(4) if the AAH does hold, then the next question becomes: precisely how do the 7 + 12 shorthand astrological symbols map to the VMS characters?

My theory: EVA y = Leo = h, that the four gallows are all consonants modifiable by h, and that { EVA y + gallows } = { crossed gallows }. This would reduce the number of consonants needed by 4.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....