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AAH: Virgo & Scorpio...

Hi Bernd,

Just some remarks on the missing letters for Virgo and Scorpio:

In the 4th ring on f57v there is a Scorpio-like sign (EVA avvn) between
the suspected "letters" for Capricorn and Venus. Given the frequent
occurrence of "an" and "al", we cannot exclude the possibility that
sometimes two EVA letters stand for one astrological symbol:
As the signs for Virgo and Scorpio are quite similar (M-shape + tail
vs. M-shape + loop), why not write them "ar" and "al", with "r" and "l"
as modifiers to symbolize the tail/loop? This would render the text
even more unintelligible to potential decipherers, and on the other
hand it would explain some of the low entropy effects of Voynichese.

Your idea of modifiers is *extremely* close - add *mirror-writing* and you're there. :-)

Look at <EVA awn> upside-down, and you'll see that it looks as if the terminating loop pulls back towards the body of the m - I reckon that's Virgo.

Look at <EVA as> upside-down (it appears twice on the same line), and you'll that the end of the loop looks like the point of an arrow - I reckon that's Scorpio.

Another layer of the VMS may be starting to unfurl. :-)

However, this leaves one part of the AAH in a bit of trouble. I thought that, as the symbol for the moon in the 17 x 4 ring (EVA v) appears so infrequently in the VMS, and that Moon would appear as frequently as (say) Sun or Mercury, the more likely match for it would have been EVA a - but take away all the EVA awm and EVA as, and what remains?

So: whither the moon? What other frequent symbols are there that haven't been matched?

(It would also mean that the infamous "8.a.m." turns out to be
Venus + Scorpio.)

Well, Venus + Virgo, but basically yes. :-))

BTW, EVA a could also be a simplified Libra, but if all zodiac signs
map to consonants, this obviously does not hold.

EVA a looks like it does a number of different jobs. The next step would be to check in what two-letter combinations it appears, and see if the context suggests anything.

I further suspect that there are more "two-letter-variants" in the MS,
and I also believe that the letter "o" maybe has even more functions.

For example, a capitalisation function? Or my original idea of a one-letter "the" (like Greek)? Or a code-related function? Hmmm....

Nevertheless, I think we're getting closer!

Foolishly, so do I!!!! :-)

Best regards, .....Nick Pelling.....