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Re: AAH: EVA qo = Jupiter? (cont'd)

Hi everyone,

Generalising this idea, it's perfectly conceivable that (planet + sign) pairs may form indices into a (5 x 12) = 60 entry or (7 x 12) = 84 entry codebook - ie "Venus in Virgo" => "and".

Are there any key-like passages in the VMS that have roughly this kind of structure? Basically, a dataset with a multiple of twelve entries?

From the transcription, I have to say that many parts of the short paragraphs of f111 - f113 seem to fit this general description. Are any of these online as images?

I've always doubted that the labels were *necessarily* readable, because (1) they're often very short and (2) the generally low entropy would make the information content of each label even lower.

But I'm starting to see patterns within the labels: I now read <EVA ot> as "Sun in Aries", which feels a lot like an index into a (7 x 12) codebook.

To my eyes, <EVA yt> looks like an extension of an earlier code, because "Leo in Aries" wouldn't make (astrological) sense: I still think that y + gallows is very similar to struck-through gallows - I don't really get this yet... but hopefully I will. :-/

My theory du jour: that the VMS is largely protected against crypto label attack, by including <planet + sign> pairs within label text - where they don't make sense, they're to be read as an index into a (7 x 12) codebook. This may account for (some of) the OKOKOKO structure that has been previously noted.

Interesting test: compare the statistics of f111 - f113 against labels, and against other parts of the text. Similar - or not?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....