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Re: Sylphium...?

	Now, now!  Don't take that too seriously.  I just used
it for the joke; there was some very vague resemblance
between sylphium and f55r .  


Nick Pelling wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Re: Dennis Stallings' 1997 idea of f55r and the (probably extinct) sylphium
> plant (AKA silphion AKA silphium): numerous images of it still exist on
> coins (testament to its economic power), some of which are now accessible
> on the web:-
> http://www.ceptualinstitute.com/uiu_plus/revered.htm
> http://www.csh.umn.edu/Education/CSpH_5401/CSpH_5401Syll.htm
> Dennis turned up this quote: "Silphium was a member of the genus *Ferula*,
> commonly known as giant fennel, a large group of plants with deeply divided
> leaves and yellow flowers."