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Filled-in loops

Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The AAH basically proposes that the 17 x 4 ring of characters represents 7 
> planets (starting with "o" for the sun), followed by 10 star signs 
> (starting with Capricorn, whose sign is basically unchanged). This links 
> Cancer with a three-looped gallows-like character, similar (but not totally 
> identical to) EVA &199.
> Steve Ekwall has pointed out that, for two of the four instances of this 
> character on that ring, the central loop appears deliberately filled in.
After  playing around with zoom & gamma correction (taking the scans
from the Beinecke site as a basis), I am pretty much convinced that the
loops are *not* filled in (the area in the center of the loops is still lighter
than the surrounding line) :(

Nevertheless, I think the main purpose of the "elaborated" Cancer symbol
is to avoid making the resemblances too obvious - the same goes for
the Jupiter symbol.

Best regards,


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