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AAH: update...

Hi everyone,

Here is my current tentative list of alphabet-to-astrology equivalences:-

Planet/Sign EVA (in text) EVA (in ring)

Sun		o		o
Mercury	l		l
Venus		d		d
Mars		r		r
Moon		a		v
Jupiter		q (or qo)	x
Saturn		k		k

Capricorn	m		m
Aquarius	f		f
Pisces	ee (?)		&169;
Aries		t		t
Taurus	?		r (?)
Gemini	?		&170;
Cancer	dy  (?)		&171;
Leo		y		y
Virgo		ain / an (?)	?
Libra		ch (?)		&172;
Scorpio	ar / air (?)	?
Sagittarius	?		?

Other symbol-pairs (vowel-pairs?) that may have special meaning:-

Sun+Moon	eo
Sun+Mercury	ol
Moon+Mercury al


(1) The whole business of <EVA r>, <EVA s> and the character used here for Taurus (which doesn't even have a EVA number) is a bit of a mess. The Mars and Taurus characters (on the ring) are quite different, yet here they've been transcribed the same. :-(

IMO, there may actually be no difference between <EVA r> and <EVA s> - there seem to be numerous instances that lie indeterminately in the space between the two. What is their history? Was the distinction between them introduced because the entropy seemed too low, or are there passages in the VMS where a clear difference seems unambiguously intended?

(2) There's still an unassigned gallows (EVA p), and no obvious assignee star:-
- Gemini, as the previous 6 symbols in the ring are gallows/non/gallows/non/gallows/non
- Cancer, as its symbol in the ring is very gallows-like, with three loops
- Sagittarius, as its symbol in the ring is sort-of gallows-like, with three loops

(3) Whichever assignment you make for (2), three of { Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius } remain unassigned in the main text. Are these the three symbol-pairs listed above? Are there any visual or structural hints anywhere in the VMS as to how to map these?

(4) If we are somehow meant to read "qoteedy" as "Jupiter [Sun?] Aries Pisces Cancer", what kind of interpretation could we put on this?

One intriguing (but probably deeply flawed) idea I had is that the VMS could be telling us we should draw lines (in order) between these signs on a circular map of the zodiac: and interpret the resulting vector-font shape thus produced as if it were a (stylised) letter.

Alternatively, these strings of signs could be some form of indexing or numbering system: I'm still looking into this...

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....