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Vigenere: more than meets the eye!

I would seriosly recommend to read Vigenere's Traicte des Chiffres from f200 on:

Just replace his "a c b a a b b a c..." with Voynich characters, to be more precise, with
generic characters like: "c-like letter", "\-like letter", "|-like letter", "o-like letter" etc. 
There may be only few letters at all, and some of the them even might still be blinds. 
If you take a close look at the script, the scribe might as well have written a sequence
of "e"s, "i"s and "o"s, divided by some gallow characters, and added some flourishes
to garnish them.

This would mean that:

1. The ressemblance to astrological signs is just a red herring.
2. A voynich word typically represents just one or more letters,
    not a plaintext word.

I'm very curious what results in applying the above assumptions to the MS!


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