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Re: VMS Root Morphology

    > It would certainly be nice to know more about this particular 
    > herbal, the identity of which is not clear. It seems to be
    > written in the vernacular, even though I can't really make out
    > any words.

I fancy there may be an "erba" in the second line, center, and perhaps
"questa erba" in the third line, left. 

But indeed, a few more pixels per inch would have been most welcome...

The site for the Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna
(http://www.bub.unibo.it/) mentions their manuscript collection (11437
titles --- "besides manuscripts in hebrew, greek, armenian [which are
obviously too boring to be counted 8-], 460 manuscripts in Arabic, 191
in Turkish, and 90 in Persian"). But apparently they don't have any
images or catalogs online yet.

All the best,