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Re: Beneventan script

Adam McLean wrote:
> There has been a few mentions of the Beneventan script on
> this discussion group. I have seen some examples of this
> and am not sure what connection is being made with the Voynich.

Mea culpa, mea est maxima  culpa. When I ran Sukhotin's vowel-
recognition algorithm on a sample many years ago, it identified
4 vowels, a, e, o, and I forgot which was the third (l?). When I
replaced every occurrence of ee with E -- as I suspected that
ee was a single letter, being so frequent, E came out as a
vowel. Among the rest, the consonants, ch is the spit-and-image
of Beneventan t. And a, in Beneventan, is two c's linked 
together, looking precisely like ee in the VMS. That is all
there is to the Beneventan connection. Probably a coincidence,
and again, perhaps not -- who knows?