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[Fwd: VMS -- cesalpino]

Here is a sample of what might be accomplished with an inquiry for
research assistance. While the odds may not be in my favor for making a
favorable find in the documents to sent from the Museo Botanico in
Florence, I am certainly still quite excited to be able to receive such
valuable insight into my quest. There are those of you, I am certain,
with much better credentials than my own for gaining supportive access
to closed libraries in Europe. We should be able to get something on the
manuscript showing "faces in a plant root system" at Bologna.

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Dear D. F. Scott,
    I'm sending you, by mail, the xerocopy of an interessant paper about A.
Cesalpino, recently published on an Italian journal about Museology. The
author is the famous botanist R. E. G. Pichi Sermolli, who checked the
persons and scholars that, in ancient times, explored, from the botanical
point of view, a geographic region of our Tuscany. A. Cesalpino was among
these and I think you can find some interesting new about him in this work.
Moreover, the bibliographical references may be useful, too.
    In addition, you will find 3 photos belonging to the Cesalpino's
Herbarium for his handwriting: one is a page of the dedication that
Cesalpino addressed to Tornabuoni Bishop (it is at the beginning of the
Herbarium), one is his original signature at the end of this letter and at
last you have one sheet of the Herbarium.

        I hope I've given a little help to your research, best regards

                                            Chiara Nepi
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From: Dana F. Scott <dfscott@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2001 8:32 AM
Subject: [Fwd: Voynich -- Opening The Doors #5]

> Dear Chiara Nepi,
>    (curator in FI)
> I wish to thank you very much for your assistance in helping me with my
> inquiries concerning Dr. Andrea Cesalpino. Actually, as a result of my
> searches on the Internet I have been able to learn a great deal about
> his backround, since his attending the University in Pisa.
> Unfortunately, I know very little about his family life. I would like to
> know if he had brothers and sisters. What was his mother's name? Did he
> have a family of his own?
>      There is a very famous and mysterious document called the Voynich
> manuscript that can be viewed in part online at the Beinecke Rare Books
> and Manuscript Library at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.
> There are numerous sites on the Internet that reference the VMS
> manuscript. The document is written in a code that has not yet been
> decifered. It is my opinion that Dr. Cesalpino may have written the
> manuscript. If he were not the author, then he at least probably did
> know the person who would have written the manuscript. It contains
> references to over 100 botanical drawings which have proven difficult
> for us to identify. There also appear to be sections on experimentations
> (Alchemy?) and there are Astrological and Cosmological references as
> well. The manuscript appears to have been developed during the Italian
> Renaissance and seems to come from Tuscany. If you are able to view the
> manuscript, then perhaps you may be able to identify some of the
> drawings. It is a fascinating manuscript. It is my hope, if possible, to
> view some original handwriting by Dr. Cesalpino to compare it with what
> is in the Voynich manuscript. I would also like to see samples from his
> Herbarium. Whatever help you may be able to provide would be greatly
> appreciated. If the is literature in English or Italian such as a
> biography on Andrea Cesalpino, I would be very interested in learning if
> I might be able to purchase a copy. This manuscript may be a very
> important find for students of Renaissance Botany from Tuscany.
> Voynich folios:
> http://inky.library.yale.edu/voy/voy2.html
> Enter Voynich as the search argument:
> http://highway49.library.yale.edu/Scripts/db2www.exe/PHOTONEG.d2w/INPUT
> I am indebted to you service.
> Kind Regards,
> Mr. Dana F. Scott
> Santa Clara, Califorina

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