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16th century herbal with 'code' or is it 'shorthand'

I have found this item on the web site of the University of Wisconsin 
Special collections.


Leonhart Fuchs, Laebliche abbildung und contrafaytung aller 
kreuter (Basel: Durch Michel [sic] Isingrin, 1545); the woodcuts are 
downsized versions of the magnificent illustrations in Fuchs' De 
Historia stirpium, published by Isingrin three years earlier. 

What is interesting is that this printed book has some text
on the right side of page 267 which appears to be in some 
kind of code or shorthand. It may be much later than the
printed book, of course.

Has anyone on the list seen this and if it is shorthand is 
it easily decipherable?  Is this shorthand 16th century
or much later ?

Have we examined thoroughly the possibility that the 
Voynich was written in a kind of shorthand ?

Adam McLean
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