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Re: Back to basics - or musings of an old bore

    > [stolfi:] zillions of people have learned to write [Chinese]
    > fluently and quickly
    > [Rene:] Yes, but it takes years to achieve this.

> [stolfi:] Indeed. But we cannot exclude the possibility that the author had been
> using Voynichese for many years before he started writing the VMs.
> Actually, although there are hints of gradual evolution across the
> book, I would say that the handwriting is far too homogeneous for this
> book to have been the first use of the "code".

OK. If 'our boy' has been "using Voynichese" it's seems he had the foresight by destroying every and each copy of his own old "trials". If not, shall it exists on some obscure box in a hidden ruins or in any attic of any old house or in a monastery... :-) Whaddaya think?
We need evidences!!

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