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Re: Richard Feynman

I agree with Brian... who hasn't drawn any fool/non-fool pic while thinking/working/studying or simply being lazy ;-) ??
Obviously, with cheap paper...
But, wait a minute, our VMs isn't written on paper... it's on a vellum. How cheap would be a vellum in those centuries so you can spent time drawing anything you want on it... and what if you steal the vellum as needed?? haha.
I think cheap paper could be so-and-so $$$ available since Gutemberg developed a method that needed so many paper for his prints. Maybe I'm wrong. (I dont remind the year... may be 1440?)
Thoughts wanted.

In the other hand, I don't know if the "Adam Craig lions theorie" will positively work. At less it's an initial effort.
How can we sure that the names you could come up to them shalll be ok?

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