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NecronomiCON, necromancy, and other humankind glories....

Spoiled Sports.... with Sacred Sensitive Sentences. hahaha. :-)

CWLee wrote: (snip)
Next thing you will be telling us is that something is not true just because we saw it on TV!

Be aware... May be you really believe in the Big Brother Production?
How long is the percent of trusty things you daily watch on TV, read on newspapers.... or click on the net?

Friends, we never know.
Our task here is to dig the misteries of whatever we could think the Vms be.
The best way to protect yourself is DON'T TAKE ANYTHING AS TRUST.
I say "Trust is not out there. It's into yourself."
Adam will say now that i'm mad. All right.

Steve m wrote:
I recently read Dee's Library Catalogue. I don't recall seeing the
Necronomican listed, though I could have missed it or it may be listed
under a different name. Lovecraft of course said he made up the
Necronomican, though some people believe he had access to the book on the
astral plane. Are you suggesting the Voynich MS could be the legendary

The name is Necronomicon (with an 'o'). The page I referred about it says that Lovecraft didn't knew about Necronomicon legend when he wrote it (coincidence? wow. i dont think so.)

I'm not suggesting the Voynich MS could be the legendary Necronomicon. It would be really cool huh?!!
I think Necronomicon should be longer than our VMs. Just a few hundreds pages more.
The only remote thing i'm suggesting is that if John Dee reached the VMs could be 'cause he supposed it to have obscure knowledges. You cannot say that if you only see the pics on the folios. But, if you'd wrote a necromancy text.. don't you'd wished to camouflaged with misc pics? Yeah, I know, some of you don't agree... then I ask you "why not?"
¿Why not to consider several posibilities?

In the other hand, I've been reading a Rudolph II biography and never list de adquisition of our VMs, which is notable if you consider de high $$$ amount that he paid. Neither is listed any reference about our friend Jacobus de Tepenecz.
The book is "Rodolfo II de Habsburgo (El emperador insólito)" by Philippe Erlanger, published by Editorial Espasa Calpe, translated by Gloria Alonso de Jáuregui. 1974. ISBN 84-239-1556-5.
I wish that this book don't be so trusty. So I will not need to say "You also cannot trust everything what you can read".

If Lovecraft accesed Necronomicon on the astral plane... what could impede him to know the beasts and djinns that populate the abyss??..... :-O
Don't you think the Ctulhuh's monster is lovely?? :-)

I will be waiting for the Harms' N-Files. :-)
Do you (Harms) really contacted with Colin Low?

I have another one links but I won't give them away so anybody'll try to "re-spoil my sport" :-)

Farnell wrote: (snip)
Dark MaP is obviously not a native English speaker, perhaps the hoax goes over
much better when translated. In fact, being translated adds to
credibility and makes it very difficult to check cited 'references'.

Touche! I'm a native Spanish speaker. But if Lovecraft created the history, what's about older theories about Necronomicon? Older than Lovecraft.

I've been at the Biblioteca Nacional, in my local Buenos Aires. I couldn't access documents about the Necronomicon, John Dee and Roger Bacon 'cause they are'n intended for the public, but only 4 d investigators.... :-(
In fact, I knew they have a 17th. century text about John Dee's spiritual experiences, a latin written Ms about the Necronomicon, and some Roger Bacon works... out of phyisical range to me.

(H.P. Lovecraft... did you know... H.P. comes to be the spanish acronym for "Hijo de Puta" -"Son of a bitch", on english.)
No more own thoughts.

Best 4 all,


(Don't trust anything. Trust nobody.)

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